New resource for interpersonal perception researchers

Via Dave Kenny, I just found out about a new set of resources for researchers interested in personality and social relationships — and especially for users of the Social Relations Model.

Persoc is a research network founded by a group of mostly German researchers, although they seem to be interested in bringing people together from all over. From their website:

In September 2007 a group of young researchers who repeatedly met at conferences realized that they were all fascinated by the complex interplay of personality and social relationships. While we studied the effects of personality on very different social processes (e.g., zero acquaintance judgments, group formation, friendship development, mate choice, relationship maintenance), we shared a strong focus on observing real-life phenomena and implementing advanced methods to analyze our data. Since the official start of Persoc in late 2008, several meetings and workshops have deepened both, our interconnectedness as well as our understanding and interest in personality and social relationships. Persoc is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Among other things, they have created an R package called TripleR for analyzing round-robin data using the SRM componential approach. TripleR is intended as an alternative to the venerable SOREMO software created by Kenny. The persoc website also includes a page discussing theoretical concepts in interpersonal perception, an overview of a number of useful research designs, and other information.