All the personality blogging you could ask for

Want to see what’s new in personality research? Check out the new ARP Personality Meta-Blog that Chris Soto just set up. (That’s ARP as in Association for Research in Personality). It’s a blog aggregator that pulls from a bunch of different personality blogs. The Meta-Blog posts titles and excerpts, with links that you can follow to the original blogs for the full posts.

By and large these are blogs written by researchers for researchers, though some also mix in more outwardly focused content (particularly at Psych Your Mind). From my perspective this is a great thing. When I started The Hardest Science it felt like psychology had plenty of general-interest blogs (like those at Psychology Today) but relatively few blogs written with a researcher audience, especially compared to fields like economics and neuroscience. So I’m happy to see that changing.

Right now the Meta-Blog is pulling from 6 blogs. They are Tal Yarkoni’s [citation needed], David Funder’s funderstorms, Brent Roberts’s pigee, the collaborative Psych Your Mind, Brent Donnellan’s Trait-State Continuum, and yours truly. If you know of a blog that should be added, please contact Chris.