Hard copy? Really?

Is there some legitimate, non-Luddite reason why some psychology departments continue to insist on hard copy for letters of recommendation? Electronic signatures are legal, folks, and most of your peers have gotten with the program.

Seriously, is there something I’m missing?

3 thoughts on “Hard copy? Really?

  1. This bit me in the ass the other week when submitting a fellowship application. The naive child of the 21st century that I am, it never even occurred to me that the program would need a hard copy, and I only noticed the requirement 2 hours before the papers needed to be submitted (on the other side of the country).

  2. Yeah, I’m in the process of writing a grant proposal that requires that all materials be submitted as hard copy. AND they ask for 7 copies. Apparently none of their reviewers have computers, and their office has no copy machine. And they hate trees.

  3. I guess the rationale must be that it’s harder to fake a hard copy because it will have a hand-written signiature? Of course, this only works if you know what the hand-written signiature of the referee is supposed to look like, which 99% of the time you don’t…

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