The adaptive and flexible workplace personality: What should I talk about?

I was invited to give a talk at an in-service day for my university’s library staff. They are asking people from around the university to contribute, and since our library staff does so much for the rest of us, I thought it would be nice to help out. (Seriously, who doesn’t think librarians are awesome?)

The theme of the in-service day is “Exercising Your Adaptability and Flexibility” (which I think is geared toward helping people think about changes in technology and other kinds of workplace changes). The working title for my talk is “The Adaptive and Flexible Workplace Personality.” They gave me pretty wide latitude to come up with something that fits that theme, and obviously I want to keep it grounded in research. I have a few ideas, but I thought I’d see if I can use the blog to generate some more.

Personality and social psychologists, what would you talk about? What do you think would be important and useful to include? I have one hour, and the staff will be a mix of professional librarians, IT folks, other library staff, etc. I’d like to keep it lively, and maybe focus on 2 or 3 take-home points that people would find useful or thought-provoking.