6 thoughts on “Statistics terms that would make good metal band names, Part 2

  1. How many can I add? There’s Hessian Matrix, and Degrees of Freedom (perhaps more of a faux Tori Amos type than a metal band??) and Stochastic Relaxation (I have no idea what it is; it just turned up in a journal article today, and also sounds kind of like an 80s hair product) and Hierarchical Model and Spline Regression.

  2. Oh. And PS: The Five-Factor Solution is so not a metal band. It’s a British mystery mini-series starring Angela Lansbury and Derek Jacobi.

  3. Not totally related, but I have to share my favorite psychological term double entendre, noted by a professor colleague at UVA who probably wouldn’t necessarily like this coming up on a Google search. He was describing the Woodcock Johnson set of tests, and noted that it was the only psychological term he was aware of that was “triple phallic”

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