A very encouraging reply

Who knew letter-writing could actually make a difference?

In response to the letter I sent yesterday to the CITI program, I got a prompt and very responsive reply from someone involved in running the program. She explained that the module had originally been written just for biomedical researchers. When it was adapted for social/behavioral researchers, the writers simply inserted new cases without really thinking about them. Most importantly, she said that she agreed with me and will revise the module.


UPDATE (7/6/2011): Not cool. Despite their promises, they didn’t change a thing.

2 thoughts on “A very encouraging reply

  1. That’s great! I was going to add yesterday that there is a great book about Milgram called The Man Who Shocked the World
    One of the things I found interesting was that Milgram pioneered the practice of debriefing, and actually did a fairly extensive follow-up (in one instance, tracking down over 90% of the participants one year later) for several of his studies. Despite the controversy in retrospect, in some ways he was ethically ahead of his time.

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